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I dont underestimate just how huge a deal this is
Posted:Jan 26, 2022 5:04 pm
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2022 5:20 pm

I dabbled with chastity, and its rendered me all but limp for the most part, some may be alarmed at the changes but for me it wasnt as shocking as it could be
At very least I wish continue with chastity and the frustration I feel
So, if youre into a chastity sissy then Im your gurl, frustration means I now need to get what I need via anal, chastity and frustration is what I use to provide this
For you and in return I will get a of what I desire.

Not do I desire dress sexy for you full time I would also enjoy being locked into dresses and heals, bondage would be a real plus too
Im also very kinky I would like to a tongue piercing; I pierced my own nipples let me tell you that was so painful for months but this is a taster of what
I may need suffer

So I accept my fate as a sissy Ive done all I can myself be ready for this, what happens now is up you sissy is about serving a guy and satisfying his needs and
Desires, Im not the jealous type so if you want bring guys home that would be a plus I would be willing participate in group double anal would be a huge plus
As would becoming a spit roast or outside the sky is the limit, I know what you enjoy may even shock me but that is fine also

Chastity is my go place renders my vulnerable and submissive and thats good and Im sure this would work however the new thing is castration as chastity
But a more permanent

For the most part castration seems be a taboo, isnt much out about the process, seems like a few gurls had done and this is very desirable for me
I understand this whole process is humiliating and degrading but no much more than having swallow man seed or having your arse filled with cum

So why not castrate me and turn my balls into earrings so when you expect me to go down on a guy I will see what Ive lost dangle before me, looking down I will
Remember what I was and what Ive lost and remember my role i need to embrace as your gurl

sorry said i was kinky!
So, I understand this is a journey
Posted:Jan 25, 2022 4:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 4:47 pm

This is a journey I want share with someone, so you need know that I do understand what ive done is self-inflicted I knew what I was doing
Well at least I thought I did at the time.
At best this started innocently my crime was being curious, I loved dressing but desired more so I agreed wear chastity just meet a guy
My attempt meet failed but chastity was a huge turn on, I would lock myself up till the frustration got the better of me then I would do my thing
In the shower, I would till I got excited then place a shampoo bottle inside me and on toes I would finish off, at this point I knew I was hocked
So I would swallow anything I delivered, but frustration is a drug and you desire more, after a while this didn’t work anymore my clit remained limp
For the most part, sure after a while I could get off but doing your thing with a limp clit isn’t enjoyable nor does it help with your frustration if anything
It makes it worse, so im no angel I do anal and enjoy the feelings and I continue swallow anything I can
So I understand what I become and I a desire see how this works out but I seem enjoy extreme chastity serves me well but I know of a
Better way and that is remove my desire for good, I would be happy serve a guy as a chastity sissy but in the long term its not comfortable nor desirable
I know the risk of permanent but accept this as I know I would enjoy full time frustration, I know what I become and I accept my fate and I know I
No right demanding anything, but I would like a keep me feminine full time and expand my limits can’t wait develop puffy boobs for your enjoyment
Im also very much into kinky so bondage would be a huge plus for me, as would group action
Ive saved myself for the right guy thus far nothing but toys just need an understanding guy to take me under your wing and show me the joy of sissy
should be one erect cock in any bedroom render me sissy and i will take care of your every need!!
i also understand i may not be the one you may want get close too and thats fine with me just include me please
Its all about accepting your fate
Posted:Jan 24, 2022 4:38 pm
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2022 4:40 pm

So I accept my fate chastity has taught the way forward for there isnt anyway back from this, I can no longer act as a
I know the joy of anal, I dont feel bad about loosing my erections in fact I welcome this as I do my fate
You might say its been years in the making first came dressing and later frustration, not kidding the more your frustrated the more
You desire what you can no longer do, my desire is much the same but not being able to do this alone I need a guy to get me off
I knew this was coming over the years in chastity its been more and more difficult so I started to practice first I used to swallow
My own so I was ready to accept yours, Anal has always played a part but now becomes my way to climax
I cant wait to finally accept my first cock in my mouth and enjoy pre- as you excitement grows I understand what is expected and
I forward to accepting my first load in my mouth
I dont just want a guy I seek a kinky guy who will lock into dresses and heels and maybe even keep captive love bondage and
Being retrained,
For years Ive tucked my cock and wondered how I would feel if I woke as a female now so close I just need a guy to share my vision and
Remove my desire once and for all. so close to this myself just need you to finish what I started would love to have to serve you and your
Friends as feminine and embrace as sissy puffy boobs and all, what do you think?
I never saw this Cumming
Posted:Jan 20, 2022 5:02 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2022 7:27 am

Please excuse my on words, but ’s true I’ve always enjoyed dressing made me I am I don’t conform stereotypes outwardly I would precent as
But behind closed doors I was transformed into a sexual object, I admit for my own gratification for the most part

Anytime life got the better of me I would dress over time this became the norm. but more and more sexy the sexier I felt the better my climax.

I’ve always looked as shemale’s a though what a life be able a feminine form and enjoy both aspects giving and receiving

Then I being curious started if I’m honest at first wasn’t enjoyable but I kept trying and before long this became the norm but like dressing I desired more
So I expanded my limits with such great results

So I wondered if a guy would like explore this with me I found a guy he was nervous I would want more than agreed but by then I was hooked I knew a guy would
Deliver so much more than I could for myself his desire would elevate my feelings ten fold

So I offered wear chastity for a meeting, I also studied clips of shemales and I was frustrated at the thought of these gurls doing everything become female yet not
Swallowing nor doing what they can for their guy

Never met up with this guy but chastity remained and has formed my life from this point on, feel like if I’m able become female I embrace female isn’t any
Half measures, as feminine you can’t penetrate anything you need accept what is become a sexy female so when I was able I would swallow my own so I’m ready

Frustration isn’t something you should get into unless your committed because frustration forced me further down the route of total submission, my best joy was to a
Shower and masturbate with a shampoo bottle inside me this was my go place loved feeling full

So I fully know what I become and I know what is expected of me as sissy and I’m up for exploring this fully I’m excited at the prospect but I’m into kinky what more do
You desire? If I’m honest my tackle don’t serve me anymore, with castration the move is toward submission is a real plus as is reduced testosterone in feminising me

I will become more submissive and you render me sissy puffy boobs is a plus at my age I love to feel full you would like fist me, would love become you puppet !!
Try before you buy
Posted:Jan 18, 2022 4:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2022 7:27 am

So for all you American guys why not try me for up 3 months I’m happy relocate and I’m sure I can take care of your needs and please you
I’m very into kinky and love to dress to please, take me on in chastity and allow me to prove myself regardless of what you desire
I’m into bondage, light BDSM and being locked into things so bondage is a huge plus, this said just lock me into dressed and heels or shackles
Cage me or anything between I can’t guess what you are into, but I want to my limits expanded and I want serve as a chastity sissy for
Your enjoyment, while enjoying chastity I’ve rendered myself all but sissy once in a while I may get erect but this don’t last long enough function
As a , I understand that if I any chance ever climax again the best I can hope for is a clear climax and I know this can be achieved via
Anal penetration, so keep me locked in chastity and use me as the gurl I am for three months if I don’t delight you return my passport and I will leave
If I delight you remove my desire once and for all, yes I’m talking banding, injections, or surgery castrate me and just keep using me as sissy
This is my fate this is how and I want become the power is in your hands enjoy me or send me home, I know this reduces my chances of a forever
Home but I’m willing take this chance and I understand what ive become and what I desire and im willing take the chance of blowing your mind
Want swallow your cum and you inside me you can complete me
Totally mad that’s what they say
Posted:Jan 16, 2022 4:36 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2022 7:27 am

So everyone says don’t do it you will regret it, web pages say don’t do it, it seems that castration is discouraged full stop
I’ve been told not to let someone do this to me as they only wish to do this for their own pleasure and will just discard me
Once it’s done I believe that maybe I can make you change your mind, I know what frustration does for me and I know I can
Use my frustration to please my , and I do feel that your be happy with me
I’ve always struggled with the body I born into ive enjoyed dressing from an early age, at some point I understood my
Future and how this may pan out,
Once I discovered chastity I leaned the joy of frustration and this changes your mind set once you discover frustration this
Makes you think of others feelings before your own, gone are the days of me I have to become submissive to get what I desire
So I learned what you would like if I able to get off I would swallow my own so I could swallow yours and don’t get me started
On penetration I love the feeling of feeling full and love the feelings I get when full
So I guess Im as ready as I can be to serve my the best I can I know what to expect and I’m happy to do this to you, Im up to
You enjoying me as a gurl, I know this is just the starting point so im into kinky in fact I love kinky, tie me up and use me as female
If im honest I really desire being locked up, lock me into dresses and heels and just enjoy me
Just feel like chastity has served me well I know what I have become I know where I to become your sissy I have to trust you to
Remove my desire once and for all, I need for you to expand my limits just feel like any guy who wants to take me on and desires
To remove my desire for good is investing in a submissive gurl so if your that way inclined please castrate me and have me serve you
As female, we cant help who we are or what you desire so want to take a chance on me?
So as things stand ive never been used as a gurl but im ready to accept a and the delights this will offer me so do you desire
A chastity gurl or to make me your own? remove my desire to make my yours to brand my as your own no problem just need a to serve
You have to embrace chastity
Posted:Jan 15, 2022 4:51 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2022 7:27 am

Chastity changed my life for the better not only does it frustrate you into another state, but it teaches you it’s not about you
Chasity restricts you from a normal climax and makes to reconsider what you desire the most
Chastity makes you desire the one thing you can’t have so you seek other ways and there is a very desirable new way via anal
And prostrate stimulation
My love of dressing and chastity has changed the way I feel, frustration shows you the way and I know when I’m locked there
Is only one way to get off,
So I’m going to be honest I love anal play this gives me a very desirable sensation its like a head rush once you get there it just
Keeps giving and is so desirable, me I cant get past three or four before I give up
I know if I’m lucky enough to find a guy your lust will take me to new limits, I’m very much into expanding my limits I know this
Is right because when I encounter anal I sissy dribble pre-cum so I know I’m enjoying this
So after over a year in chastity I struggle to climax normally so I choose to cum via anal if and when I can climax normal I punish
Myself by swallowing my own so I’m ready to swallow yours when the time comes,
I know that a guy will take me to another level your desire will delight me and excite me and show the way forward am I sure
I’m as sure as I can be to try this for real, so it is what it is like it or not this is me, I can’t help who I am and I can’t help what I have
Become, things happen for a reason, I need to accept who I am and I need to accept my fate chastity has taught me this at least
I’m pure just because I need to be unused for the guy who takes me on, if you ask me I want more castration would remove my
Ability to ever act as a male and seal the deal, removing my hormones to let you enjoy me more
Can’t wait to have puffy boobs and go down on you and have to swallow your seed
Everyone is different
Posted:Jan 13, 2022 4:52 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2022 7:27 am

So I guess I get everyone is different but I really can’t understand a switch, I really don’t understand why you would suffer everything become female and not become one
What I mean is at the start of this process you choices that form the way you are, I can’t understand a gurl isn’t willing swallow man seed and choose spit
I don’t understand becoming feminine and wanting penetrate another for their enjoyment
For me this isn’t becoming feminine this is the best of both, a gurl shouldn’t be able get erect, and should be grateful her wants you swallow his seed and finds
You desirable in a feminine state.
If you had asked me a few years ago I would said what are you talking about, just because a few years ago I may felt the but I’m not sure I had thought about
This at all, dressing has always been my thing I love how I feel in sexy underwear but this was for my enjoyment
So I dabbled in anal and I knew this was very desirable I also understood once a prostrate simulation takes place ’s very desirable, so I wanted explore this more and I met
A guy online was keen try this as I was, he was nervous that I may get excited and want more, so I agreed wear a chastity device during our meet he would hold the
Key so that what he desired happened, I won’t lie I was so excited a guy inside me excited me so much, I wouldn’t control and I knew anything he provided
Was so much more than I could ever do myself wouldn’t get off on this just be an object of a guys desire.
So I purchased a device just meet, this never happened but I was hocked on chastity and how this made me feel, my desire was still but the device said no. so now I
Got frustrated and the more I wore chastity the more I knew what I desired, feel like if you want dress and act as a female you accept this role 0%
This means everything you become submissive and submit a guys desire, Chastity has changed the way I feel about enjoyment
Chastity has ripped me of any desire in fact I just can’t act as a anymore I remain limp at the best of times, so what I ask of you will you join me and take what
I and make me your gurl? I’m as ready as I can be but lack the commitment take this next step I know I will become the gurl of your dreams over time just need a guy
take me on, I expect nothing just be used as feminine I suspect I know what you desire and I accept my fate
Do you wish develop me into the gurl you desire are you into kinky, lock me into dresses, lock me into heels and make me serve you as feminine and if you desire more
I’m up for castration
It’s not just body it’s mind too
Posted:Jan 12, 2022 4:48 pm
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2022 4:50 pm

So who would think a plastic device could change the way you feel in so many ways? Chastity don’t only change
Things down there but changes your whole mindset
Frustration is a huge aphrodisiac let me tell you once you can’t anymore you so desire what you can’t even if I didn’t have
A thought before wearing chastity once I locked I did so much
Over time the feelings subsided and my desire by frustration and it feels so good, but this also affects how
You feel in so many ways, during this process I’ve enjoyed toys and love that feeling, at first resistance but once in so much
Joy and once I have prostrate stimulation the feeling goes on and on and is so desirable
So my whole mindset has changed with my desire gone I need your desire, I know what this means at last I need to put you
First before me, the only chance I have to enjoy what I desire is to please you, toys are great but there are limits to what I
Can do myself I know I need an Alpha male to show me the way, after all of this I accept my fate I know I can only get to
Where I to be via intercourse so I need you to show me the joy of feminine
My thinking is that if chastity has made me this object then permanent chastity is the way forward so I seek a
Who is willing to castrate me for his enjoyment, I would like to be kept in feminine attire full time and being locked into
Feminine dresses and heels would be a huge plus for me
But this is up to you I discovered anal, I’ve swallowed my own to get to this point what happens next is up to you I love anything
Kinky and would be over the moon to serve you as female, at some point you have to accept your fate right ? my fate is in your
Hands right now, please just use me as you will enjoy my body and show me the joy of feminine
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That perfect V
Posted:Jan 11, 2022 4:53 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2022 7:27 am

So I so desire a feminine body and this includes the V between my legs, I know and understand my fate should you take on and that’s fine I accept this, Castration
Removes an key part in my vision to become more feminine, it also renders me frustrated for good, what’s left my clit could be tucked or remain to remind me of what
I’ve given up, either way is good, you see I’ve dressed for as long as I can remember, I’ve got to this point myself Chastity and toys got me here
Chastity is a desirable step but nothing I could suffer alone, I need a guy to do this for me and maybe just maybe it won’t just be my g-sting that goes up my arse
I’m not an expert I’m self-taught I’ve enjoyed accepting my own seed, I’ve worked my arse so that I dripple pre- to wet my panties but I desire so much more
I’ve saved myself for the right you need to be understanding but you need to expand my limits, most of all you need to understand my desire to become feminine
And take me under your wing so I can become the gurl you desire
So its just another step right?
Posted:Jan 10, 2022 5:22 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2022 7:27 am

So it’s the next step but it’s a big step you might say a huge step, for its time to step up and discover a new way of life so I want your home to be my forever home
Me arriving is my acceptance of what comes next, for me relocation would be a plus new place new me a time to start over and finally find the inner me !
Do I know what it is im walking into hell no! this said ive done all I can to get to this moment not sure I can do anymore alone so I seek a understanding who will
Guide into the unknown
I accept I don’t have the right to demand anything what happens is up to you and your wants and desire, I do so hope your into kinky as I would really enjoy expanding
My limits
I know I some extreme things first, actions that will change me forever and change my mindset even more I understand I will take time to heal and I know how much
This will change my life, but im excited by the small things, developing boobs what guy can resist puffy boobs? But I forward to the small things like doing chores with
Nails not sure how that will pan , or dressing full time as female, in fact I would love to be locked into dresses and heels, restraints are my thing so please feel free
To lock up anyway you please, this is scary it’s a huge step I know there is no going back from this an that excites
So I play I love how chastity makes feel and I know and accept who I have become its not so much a thing as a calling ive accepted my fate I know what I may expect to
Realise my full potential
Thus far Ive experienced the humiliation of accepting my fate ive done what I can to be ready for to show the way I have resisted a one night stand so I have no
Clue what I may feel with a Alpha inside ,
So please remove my desire and take your wing show the joy of sissy and transform into the gurl you desire, I accept my fate willingly not the jealous
Type so if you want to bring other lovers into our home then just include me please
Past the point of no return
Posted:Jan 9, 2022 5:19 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2022 7:27 am

Chastity has not ripped me of any meaningful erections, but frustration has taught me another way, ’s a vicious circle I got involved in
Chastity makes you desire the one thing you cant do in chastity, if I unlock myself I still cant get erect nor retain one for any amount of time
This just makes me more frustrated, but toys provide me with something better it must be better as I dribble pre-cum during prostrate simulation
Prostrate stimulation provides me a very desirable head rush once I get to this point it just keeps giving, ive not yet explored many of these as I tend
To give up after a short while, what chastity has taught me is now its time to accept my fate, I need to accept I am and what ive become and
any chance ever climax again I need accept anal
This isnt just a fantasy dreamed up Ive done a lot of work up this point sure I had a normal life but ive dressed from an early age and enjoyed this so
Much, later I played with anal and enjoyed that, think that’s when I knew for sure, this made me think what I could do be desirable for a guy
So I knew what I would wanted so I dabbled ie n swallowing my own at first didn’t seem right or normal but I kept doing and now I can’t wait
do this for real, ive learned enjoy the taste
So I love dress I like the taste of cum and I really enjoy anal pleasure and I love frustration and how this makes me feel, but I desire more so much
More ive seen the clips of gurls penetrating others I truly feel like should be one erect cock in the room and this cant be me
Don’t know what say but every step has been thought about I say the next step for me is huge im not sure I can do this myself this said
I so desire remove the restrains so chastity, I know the advantages of going the all the way, ive always felt submissive I love anal and I love dress
So what im asking will you do the one thing I cant do for myself sure I dabbled but I cant im talking taking my desire once and for all!
So I accept my fate I know the lack of hormones will affect how I and I will develop boobs even at my age don’t love puffy boobs?
So my question you is do you desire your lover be kinky? Do you wish take in the bedroom? Want render me your gurl?
I wont lie this is my next step im very excited and very fearful in the breath but if im transform I need you rip me of anything
And just render me sissy and I will thank you for this and serve you as sissy, im very much into being locked so lock me into dresses and heels
I know what I am and I accept this make me your gurl and I will your desire cant do this alone spunky kisses Sam
Accept Chastity accept your fate!
Posted:Jan 6, 2022 5:11 pm
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2022 3:56 pm

Dressing for me has always been a thing but quite by chance I discovered chastity and this changed the way I feel about everything
Chastity makes you desire what you can’t have sex, at first this is quite hard as regardless you still get hard but instead of your penis
Extending outwards it’s forced inwards, this is very undesirable even painful at times, but you get used to it and over time your excitement
Is contained, and frustration sets in, Frustration changes your mindset and chastity keeps your feelings at bay
Before long your unable to become erect, masturbation as limp is all but impossible and it becomes a vicious circle.
What you desire has been removed but you still desire a climax, so all that is left for me is anal penetration the feelings I encounter are so much
Better than anything I’ve ever encountered before and are very desirable, added to this I can no longer encounter an erection even if I wanted too
So I totally understand this wasn’t fate I did this to myself knowingly I’m not innocent I’ve used toys and given the chance I did swallow my own just
To see if I could, so I guess what I’m saying is that now I’m ready I need to accept my fate I know I can no longer act as a guy so if I ever want to climax
Again I need a guy, I can’t wait to kneel before you and enjoy your harness in my mouth and swallow what you deliver as a good gurl would
Then comes penetration I feel like your go much longer than ive ever done for myself, so this takes me to uncharted territory this excites me so much!
After Chastity comes permanent will you consider removing my desire for good for your enjoyment?
So I understand who I am I know I need a to complete my transformation question is what do you desire from me? What can I do to make you
Submit to your desire? I cant wait to encounter your desire in my mouth and afterwards my pussy I know you will excite me more than ever so I ask you
Please take my desire once and for all and just castrate me to make me your submissive sissy
as your feminine sissy i desire to be retrained lock me into dresses and heels for me bondage for me is a real plus so can we play?
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