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lighthousecollec 58F  
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10/12/2020 4:08 pm

I feel as I am a giver. You are so right my friend about people on this site not taking the the time to get to know people. Since I took my videos off, I have gotten asked why. All most want is to see the videos and pictures. They don't care about getting to know the person for who they are. Over a year on this site, I have learned to read between the lines and now I am listening to the flag flags . I can honestly say that you do take the time to get to know someone and I am thankful that you are a true friend. Hugs

I have set up a private mailbox on my Blog for your convenience.

srkaficionada 37F  
1030 posts
10/14/2020 12:42 pm

I guess by your description, I’m a giver, as are many women. A lot of people on here just want instant sex. And it’s especially cringey given that there is a pandemic/ health crisis. Makes me think if they’re asking me to come over, how many other people are they asking and what’s the probability one of those people are positive for COVID and don’t know it?

And I feel like I’m easy, as are many women. Just spend some time with us, talk to us, heck pretend that you’re interested in the person for 30 minutes. Many can’t even do that much...

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