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Looking back....laughing and leaning into new life...
Posted:Apr 15, 2019 6:37 pm
Last Updated:May 10, 2019 11:53 am
So re-read my previous posts.....fortunately didn't make cringe too much lol...soooo much has changed and immensely grateful/happy now living trans and seeing the world as a trans woman. One really curious aspect is how I don't really see the world any different but the world see's me VERY differently. Everywhere I go there is not much blending even the mundane tasks become more of an "event" lol. When I go out anywhere I have to be prepared and not forget this, not that I feel threatened or afraid but again just whether those I encounter are cool w trans people or not it's just you have to remember there is going to be more involved than just going about my day. There is going to be the process of seeing, then the identifying what they are seeing is not what they expect to then my fave part, when their eyes and expression reveal how they feel about what see....lil ol bad ass ME !!!!! I often seem to feel like I'm viewing things 3rd per, which is helpful and also unique. Whether they look cool with it or disgusted, I'm like.... do your thing.....'s what you better believe I'll be doing!!!!!!! Might have to pick up this blog more often. So if your'e one of the few who follow it or just randomly read it....say hi, lemme know what you think...good bad or indifferent.....
...Catch Me if you Cam...
Posted:Jan 31, 2017 10:22 am
Last Updated:Apr 15, 2019 6:12 pm
As of now I'm not full time w my dressing, so when I do dress I go all out w my makeup smoothing myself and lots of outfit changes etc etc. Getting dolled up takes me silly amounts of time and going out just can't be fit into that window as much as I'd like. So camming is a great next best thing.

Love how I can have my own "room" on this site to interact w people, especially the audio since I enjoy a stiff ale or five while dressed and hate typing when buzzed and hate even more my constant typos. Plus its great practice for my fem game improving my voice and mannerisms. Not likely I get naked on cam but very likely you'll find me in a thong or g string shaking my ass and strutting/dancing in high heels. Best of all though is the stimulating conversations I've had w many many people on here, if you've seen me on cam you know I'm not shy about talking and have noooo problem letting you know how I feel about things or why you're wrong! lol People have got at me w some very "colorful" language and I love it! Just be able to back it up with more than just attempting to be insulting words honey. So keep your eyes peeled for me doing my thing on here and lets mix it up!
......just hear a CD out....
Posted:Jan 24, 2017 11:21 am
Last Updated:Apr 15, 2019 6:12 pm
I'm new here, only a few weeks or so on this site and thought I'd share my experience so far since blogging is an option here (why not?). I'm relatively new to CDing and compared to many g I encounter. How I came to dressing is a cool story as well but ,save that for later.

So once I had dressed fully head to toe makeup to heels, what now? I was hooked for sure, felt so right, all those pretty girls who wanted to dress me up over the years, who I flatly declined, were right, so right I did make a good looking lady if I do say so myself. I wasn't ready to venture out in public as my new self alone but now wanted more of this butterfly inducing activity. The internet was the obvious choice to see what others into this were about and into. Quick search and I found a few sites, I wasn't too picky about it top of the results would work. So I joined a site claiming it was #1 in blah blah blah. Soon I decided to upgrade and pay for it. Site had its good and bad but I was interacting and soon camming there it fit the bill, not long and I joined a sister site of it and then another paying for all 3 monthly.

I'm dressed and "running" now having a good time of it, but like most highs it begins to wear off, chatting/camming isn't enough for a yearning Alana she needs to be seen and get out. Thing is seems no one is close to me on these three sites and the few who are so aggressive and or pervy I've no interest in them and my one escapade w the gutter dwellers on that site that uses a guys name and his "List" left me knowing better and scouts honor pledging to myself "NEVER AGAIN!!!" lol.

Oh well I just dress as much as I can and keep on, I still love dressing and have fun w it ALWAYS! Then about a month and a half ago while on the one site I would still frequent but stopped paying for long ago a gurl I chat w mentioned she was on FuckBookHookups, FuckBookHookups? They have a area for g (or whatever term you like that doesn't get your thong too deep up your cheeks) like us!?!? I was curious but not overly excited.

Came on over set up a profile just to see "whats doin". Getting a lot of attention is common but getting a lot from guys who are within a hundred miles of me has never been. Is now and so is guys who, yes we know why we are here but don't introduce themselves w crude language or think I'm just a free of charge (FYI I'm neither honey). In my few weeks here I've chatted more local guys than in three years on three pay sites combined and only a fraction of the creepers lol. Yes this site has its shortcomings they all do whether its site based or provider based but I'm feeling like a whole world of fun is right before me that I really didn't think existed. Let alone far far more interesting features that a chatter box like Alana can stand atop her soap box and blather from??? So far so good, thank you FuckBookHookups!

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