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A few things...  

Chocolatechick07 50F  
18 posts
5/23/2020 11:22 am
A few things...

Please read profiles before you message someone.  It will save you alot of time.  Why waste a message on someone you have nothing in common with?  Here's a hint, if you can't read profiles, don't message anyone.

If someone says "not interested", take it and move on! That doesn't mean you can become disrespectful and use derogatory words and names towards us. I would say be mature, but there is no maturity here.  Also, remember who you message. Seriously, if not interested Monday, we will not be interested Wednesday or Friday!

Just because this is a "sex site" doesn't mean we will have sex with just anyone. There needs to be some sort of connection. Most of us are not hookers. We do not want to meet you at your hotel to have fun. What's fun about meeting a stranger at random hotel? 

Don't think you are so great you can get us to change our minds! We know what we want.

I am not going to accept your friend request if I have not talked to you.

Why are you flirting if you can't say hi?

Notaname99 60M  
496 posts
6/15/2020 9:18 am

It sounds like you are expecting people to read. Unfortunately, that seems to be the minority around here.

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