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Demo Day....  

Eviloutlaw1 59M
3978 posts
10/28/2020 12:51 am

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10/28/2020 9:24 am

Demo Day....

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Eviloutlaw1 59M
3454 posts
10/28/2020 12:55 am

Pulling carpeting, padding, tackles, and shoe molding from the unit that's being up graded. The job took me over five hours to do. I stepped on a nail, and my hands look like I've been in a fight with a mountain lion from all the scratches on them. Woke up in pain this morning with my right arm being numb from the shoulder down to the tips of my fingers, laying on my right side as I slept. To top it all off I lost my razor knife I was using to cut the carpeting and score the paint on the shoe molding so I could rip it out with out taking more paint off the baseboards than needed. I think I might have rolled the knife up in the last bit of carpeting or padding, so I'll have to un-roll them and see. Or it could be in the scrap can where I tossed the wood after pulling it out.

I'm not done in the unit as I still have to pull up all the old wood lam. floor in the dining and living rooms as well as pull the shoe molding out of them . But first all the scrap I pulled yesterday has to be tossed in the dumpster. Hopefully the painter is done with painting the walls in there, he was putting a second coat on yesterday, why I have no idea as wall between the kitchen and the dining room is to be taken out... like the ones that were previously done up stairs. I don't know if they ( the owners ) will have us take down the wall or not? It's not something the maintenance crew or I have ever done. Leaving that sort of heavy work to professional contractors. But with the big brew ha-ha that developed between the partners over the amount of money needed to renovate the other three apartments in that building, and then the units sitting around for some time before they got rented. Well, using us ( the crew here ) to do the demo/ paint/ etc. They are looking to cut cost any way they can.

I tell ya, I could use a massage or a long soak in a hot tub spa to ease my aches and pains after yesterday. Still as I said to the painter while I was working along side him in the unit, it beats a day of walking the property picking up dog poo. At least I'm warm and dry.

Off for a long hot shower now.....

Eviloutlaw1 59M
3454 posts
10/28/2020 12:55 am

Have a good one people...

author51 58F
107424 posts
10/28/2020 1:24 am

Oh Hun,it sounds like you had a hard day at work..If we were closer I would love to massage all those aches and pains away..Have a good one Hun.xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life...xoxo


Eviloutlaw1 replies on 10/28/2020 9:22 am:
More busy than hard really. Like I told the painter it beats cleaning up poo in the rain Have as good one my friend...As for the massage offer...any time! As long as I get to massage you as well.

lunchandconvo 50F
2781 posts
10/28/2020 2:40 am

i can't recall if i put this comment on your blog. i have been on the coast since april 15. i didn't give up my apt in the city as i wasn't sure i would be moving back to the coast permanently and leaving my city job. i came by july 4th for a few days. but the apt has been empty since this weekend. i noticed the upper floor flooded and i have a water stain with mold on my bedroom floor. odd as we should be lined up units. you'd think i would have a water stain in the bathroom? and i also have some mold on the corner wall entering my bathroom. maintenance came by immediately and will have to coordinate a contractor to come in. i let them know i will be out of the apartment again in a few weeks if they can do it while i am not here... i can't recall what the leasing office told me on how large this complex is. we have two entrances. i'm apparently one of the few single people here. most units have more than one person in it.

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 10/28/2020 9:20 am:
Well, it depends on what type of pipe was leaking. If its as supply pipe the line might run through the ceiling in your bedroom. Then again, water flows to the lowest point. If the up stairs unit had an over flow leak from a tub, or toilet, the over flowing water would run to the lowest point in the structure, say maybe over your bedroom and that would explain the ceiling leak in your bedroom. It would also explain why there was a problem with mold in the corner of your bathroom. Any who, I'm sure they can get the problem fixed ( the maintenance men or a contractor ) Have a good one.

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