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New Years.. cont.  

Eviloutlaw1 59M
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11/20/2020 10:45 am

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11/21/2020 2:14 pm

New Years.. cont.

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Eviloutlaw1 59M
3477 posts
11/20/2020 10:46 am

No one said a word...I got up and walked through the kitchen and down the hall to the bathroom. The conversation that had just transpired running through my head along the way. As I walked down the dark hall. (thank God the night light was on in the bathroom and the door open or I would have stumbled into one of the bedrooms in error.) I closed the door behind me and took my cock out, and the old fellow was awake already, just starting to get hard...yeah he was interested in what had been said. Come to think of it so was I. But that lingering doubt sill remained. What would happen if my play mates Jeff and Tammy found out? What might the outcome be? On the one hand I enjoyed being able to get together with my friends and have some fun with them both every now and again when one or all of us were horny. I knew Jeff and Tammy would be somewhat less than friendly if they knew what might happen with Chris and Mike when I got done taking my piss. On the other hand, I was interested, and by all the signs my cock was more than interested.

I finally chose to ignore the situation...if it happened, it happened. But I wasn't going to concede to telling them I was okay with it happening. I flushed, washed and dried my hands and started back down the darkened hall, my cock getting harder with each step. I bypassed the kitchen doorway, and went into the living room instead. The house had an open concept, I could see into the dining room, I could also hear Chris and Mike speaking in hushed tones so as not to wake anyone who was sleeping in the house. I sat down in the lounge recliner, leaving the couch open, thinking that if the two of them were going to fuck then they'd be using it for their base of operations. ( which is why I thought Chris had really woken me up so they could use it for just that , snoring indeed. ) I pulled the handle on the recliner, and the chair tilted back to full recline. I closed my eyes and left things that might come, come as they may.

It was Mike who had raised his voice over the hush tones they had be speaking in first. Saying that he agreed, and going on to say " lets get the party started. " When Chris touched my shoulder asking if I fallen asleep again I opened my eyes and said no. Both of them were standing by the chair, well Chris was standing, Mike was kneeling beside the arm of the chair. As my eyes opened Mike reached over and started rubbing my cock through my pants. Looked up at Chris and said he's as hard as a rock...and has a damn big cock from what I can tell. adding " I'm so going to enjoy this." I looked up at Chris and she had a one of those shit eating grins on her face. I'd seen the look on Tammy face as well, many times. When Jeff was about to suck my cock. Some women are like that, they get off watching guys giving head to other guys. It seems like the peach didn't fall far from the peach tree in this case, as Chris was just like Tammy in this respect.

"We made a deal" Was the next thing Chris said..." what kind of deal?" I asked. Well, I saw you... came out next.... Okay, now I was confused. I said to her saw me what..nude? No.. she replied. I saw you and my Dad, a couple of weeks ago. Okay, I'd stopped out the weekend before Christmas at Jeff's request. Tammy was working late that night and when she got home we would have a chance to have some fun before the Holiday. Alone and left to our own devices, one thing led to another and as usual Jeff took advantage of being alone with me and gave me a blow job. Sort of savoring the time as it didn't come around often and he had to share the fun ( meaning my cock ) with his wife. Jeff was a bottom with me, never once asking to top and when we could get together alone well, like I said Tammy had a bit of the green eyed monster in her, and I didn't blame her really, as Jeff did play favorites somewhat. { Funny thing I found out much later... that Jeff took the top roll when ever they or he played with Mike. After seeing the thickness of Mike's cock that night, I don't blame him one bit. That thing would leave you gaping for days after being fucked by him. I guess that explains why Tammy liked him }

Back to the tale. When I said Jeff ...while we were alone together gave me a blow job, that isn't exactly what transpired. Things were going smoothly, as usual. Jeff is great at sucking cock. But in the middle of it he stopped suddenly. Thinking he heard something. Turns out he was right, Chris had come home early from a date with the Beau. Came in through the man door in the garage, and had walked by the family room and up the stairs, where we were in middle of our tryst. Jeff had my pants around my ankles and was sucking my cock when she went by and happened to glance into the room. We stopped of course, I quickly pulled my pants up and we went up stairs and acted like nothing was amiss. She left the house shortly there after, saying she was going out with some girlfriends for the night when she passed us going down the stairs on her way out. We thought at the time that we'd gotten away with out her seeing us... turns out we were wrong.

The whole thing came back to me after she said she'd seen us. What could I say? Abet, what I did..so you know then? Yeah I know, what's more I know about Mike and my Parents as well. I saw the three of them together a couple of nights later, in the family room as well, like you and Dad were. Only this time with Mike's face in between Mom's legs eating her out, and Dad behind him fucking him in the ass. Well, catching you all like that freaked me out at first. But at the same time it sort of got me horny . Wondering what it would be like to have two guys fucking me like that, fucking me and fucking or sucking each other to boot. For the past few weeks I couldn't get the fantasy out of my head, even brought up the idea of adding another guy with my boyfriend and myself to him. But he would even listen to me..and refused to discuss it at all. At that she got silent....meanwhile during all this chit chat, Mike has been rubbing my cock, and now has my fly open and is fondling my stiff prick through my under shorts. I just looked at Mike as he pulled my cock out and started tugging on me, I looked up at Chris and said, so what's the deal? The deal? Mike says. Is she gets to watch me give you head, and when your good and hard she's going to get to see you fuck my ass with that big cock of yours. With that he lifted my prick up and went down on me. Without missing a beat, Chris continued telling me what the "deal" was... In exchange he gets to fuck me, you as well. That is if your up to doing so, after nutting in his ass.

What could I say? Not much really, as it was Mike's mouth, tongue, and lips on my cock were already preventing any protest I may have given about their deal. Well, I had thought about being with her,but never dreamed of acting on it for fear it damage the friendship I had with her parents....as I said before. In the end I said nothing I just reached out with my hand and ran it up her leg, pulling her nightshirt up as I did and squeezed her ass cheek, and pulled her closer so she could see better as I placed my other hand on the back of Mike's head and pushed my cock further into his mouth.

That's all for now I'm afraid my friends...I conclude this in tomorrow's blog post.

Eviloutlaw1 59M
3477 posts
11/20/2020 10:56 am

Have a good one people....

author51 58F
107784 posts
11/20/2020 11:31 am

Jumping Birthday Boy..The blog I just posted is nothing like this one...lol.Happy Birthday my Evil Outlaw...( I kind of mentioned you in my post..lol.) You have me throbbing now you do....and I adore you......xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life..


Eviloutlaw1 replies on 11/21/2020 2:32 am:
Your still a day early on your B-Day wishes my friend. But thank you just the same. It's good to know that even as I get older I can still make a sexy woman like yourself throb. Have a good one my friend!

jajo696 66F  
2973 posts
11/20/2020 12:37 pm

Happy Born Day....Outlaw🎉🎂💐. I just read Joys post and she told us...lol. Your secret is out. Thanks joy. I hope its a better than wonderful Day !! Enjoy ~~

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 11/21/2020 2:34 am:
No spoilers, as I haven't read joy's post today yet. Thanks for the B-day wished Jajo! Have a good one!

pocogato12 68F  
36184 posts
11/20/2020 3:25 pm

I will come back and read tis. I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!Thinking of you{=}

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Eviloutlaw1 replies on 11/21/2020 2:35 am:
Thanks Poco! Hope you enjoy the read. A few of our fellow bloggers seem to like it. Have a good one.

PonyGirl1965 55F
13478 posts
11/21/2020 12:33 am

Happy Birthday!!
Thank you for the tease!

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 11/21/2020 2:37 am:
Thanks Pony! You like the rest of my followers are a day early, though I don't mind all the attention from such sexy women. Have a good one!

lunchandconvo 50F
2825 posts
11/21/2020 5:15 am

happy bday!
what a great read... can't wait for the end!

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 11/21/2020 7:07 am:
Thanks for the B-day wishes. I just posted another chapter I'll get ton the ending later today or tomorrow. I need a break now from all the typing. Have a good one.

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