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Gary Project Day 2.  

SilyconBond 53M
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1/20/2021 3:26 am

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2/8/2021 5:45 pm

Gary Project Day 2.

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SilyconBond 53M
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1/20/2021 3:27 am

I had meetings all morning at work, met him for lunch in the gym parking lot, waiting for me.

“Ready?” I asked.
“I guess so.” He said.
“How do you feel?” I asked.
“A little sore, but not much. You were right I guess.” He said.

We walked in, he scanned his tag, then I scanned mine. Rick, the guy behind the counter asked me, how are you today Mr. ******** ?”
“Like I could crush walnuts with my butt cheeks,” I said and puffed out my chest.
He laughed and countered with, “I’d like to see that.”
“Do you have any walnuts on you?” I asked.
“No.” He laughed.
“We’ll have to plan it for another time then,” I said and walked away towards the bicycles today.
Damn Covid, I’d have to almost yell at Gary because we could not cycle next to each other. There were two bikes between us for “social distancing” crap.

Before I started, he asked.
“Why did you tell him that?”
“To make him laugh. It would have been even funnier if I had brought some walnuts with me and placed them on the counter. That would have opened up all sorts of conversation.” I said.
“He knew you by name.” He said.
“I asked him his name yesterday and told him he looked more like a Mike to me. He only knew my name because he looked on the screen after I scanned my tag this morning, but he remembered talking to me yesterday.” I said.
“You made the grocery clerk laugh too.” He said.
“I made you laugh the first day I met you guys too. Let’s get started.” I said.

We cycled, he got closer to me afterward and asked, “What about other people? I mean, like that big guy working out on the bench.” He asked.
“You probably should only approach guys like him when he starts taking the weight off the bar, and not putting more weight on. You will be more like him in a year or two.” I said casually. I didn’t believe it, but a year can be a long time.
“Go talk to him. Make him laugh.” He said.
“Buy me lunch and I will,” I said.
“Deal.” He said. I had to almost run to get to the guy before he pulled the last plate off his bar.

“Excuse me, can you answer a quick question before you start your next set?” I asked the complete stranger, and upon closer look, Hulk-like.
“Sure.” said the man looking perplexed.
“If I was to get a job here, do you think I should place the name tag over my nipple, or above it? My friend over there says it doesn’t matter, but I’m pretty sure women like looking at men’s nipples.” I said seriously.
He started to laugh then replied, “No woman has ever commented on my nipples.” He said adjusting his mask.
“You have manly nipples, why not? You didn’t answer the question.” I asked.
His laughter got louder and he said and he appeared to be choking. “I have manly nipples? Dude. Fuck! I can’t think right now. Later, I’ll tell you later.” He said and waved me away as he laughed.

I went back to Gary. “Make it someplace nice, I’m not cheap. Back today.” I said and moved to the pulldown machine.
“How? What? Look at him. You broke him.” He said. I glanced over my shoulder at the huge guy. He was next to his next station, with his whole body shaking as he held himself up.
“Jeeze, it wasn’t that funny, and we need to continue,” I said and so we did.
We finished our work out when the stranger came back to me and pointed to me. “You probably have manly nipples too, show’em off I say. My name is ******. I’ve seen you here on Saturdays, what’s your name?”
So we chatted about the gym some. Gary was quiet the whole time during our exchange. We said our goodbyes, and all three of us parted ways.
Only I have a promised lunch in my future.

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author51 58F
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1/20/2021 4:59 am

Laughter my friend is the best medicine of all..Nice when you can share the laughter with others..xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life....xoxo


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