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I had fun at work this morning.  

SilyconBond 53M
267 posts
12/4/2020 7:11 pm

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12/5/2020 6:18 am

I had fun at work this morning.

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SilyconBond 53M
148 posts
12/4/2020 7:11 pm

Yeah, it was hard work, physically exhausting, but it made me happy.

Three weeks of planning on my part, meeting upon meeting to hash out the politics, and logistically a nightmare, but now it's done. I know this is stupid, but I’ll miss working on it. It’s a project for my group that no one besides myself has pulled off without major catastrophes occurring. Another feather in my cap. There is a downside, the timing…My end of year review is done, and it won’t go on next year’s review, so a month of above-average performance is lost in the grey time between review writings.

I am committed to nine more months here. I’m hoping something more challenging occurs. The smaller projects before this one just don’t have the same appeal to me anymore. I need a bigger hill, a steeper climb, something.

Time to focus on my life outside of work I guess. I had to buy four new additional gifts this year. I’ve matched three of them, but the fourth…What do I buy a thirty-two-year-old man that texts constantly when he doesn’t get his way? I’ve been to his house, and he is not the kind that uses tools. His clothes closet looks like a teenager’s wardrobe that has never grown up, Jeeze. Maybe a printed cartoonish shirt, but he has dozens of those. It all comes back to I don’t know the man. I’ve been coming over to his house for a while now but he never stays around long which annoyed me so much in the beginning. I’ve just accepted him being himself. You can get used to anything, and I certainly have. Adding a different tone on my cell to his texts helps me to ignore my cell until I can get back to him. Everyone else in my life has more patience.

I guess that brings me to gifts that would give two online acquaintances if they were physically in my life.

One, I would buy the above calf snakeskin boots that I saw in the mall last week. The heels were a little high, but I’m sure japaneseass could pull the look off well. The other, author51…I’m not so sure. She has endured more of my rambling and complaining than anyone else via email. She’s probably aware of the blessings she gave me, but I don’t think I could bestow her a halo for being such an angel. Considering where she lives in Canada, a winter of snow shoveling service? A trip to the Bahamas? Both I couldn’t afford, and a puppy makes a terrible gift. Yet, Joy deserves someone in her life to grant those kinds of gifts.

To the security guard, you are just going to have to wait. No hints and I can keep a secret for a few weeks. I’ve set aside the days you wanted me to, and I bought your gift last week. I know we didn’t discuss gifts, and it was an impulsive buy. If you are now reading this and don’t know what to get me, I like gift cards from Home Depot or Lowes, keep it under $20. The people in my life that buy those for me at Christmas like me, everyone else that doesn’t, just doesn’t like me as much. Getting socks or underwear…ugh…I buy those things myself and Old Spice gift package…I don’t think so. I’ll regift it back to you next year if you do. Yup, done that many times.

This brings me to my favorite gift-receiving…this is number 1…I would rather have this gift than a million dollars or even sex. Homemade cookies, whether chocolate chip or sugar. Cookies with sex...Now we are talking ultra high level. When I was a kid growing up, I would visit my grandmother, an she would make me cookies. Every time I eat homemade cookies, I am flooded with a dopamine hit. The memory of the love and affection she lavished on me almost makes me cry with joy now. As long as I am alive, she still lives in my head. Someday, I hope I can leave behind such a great loving memory, but she was a tough act to follow. Every time I walked into her house, I felt at peace. I slept better, food tasted better, life was just better around her. Just like it is with those around me now. My life is better.

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author51 58F
122343 posts
12/4/2020 11:20 pm

Oh my dear friend, you have already given me the gft of friendship.I need nothing more than that..A man in my life will come after COVID 19 is all said and done...xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life.....xoxo


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