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spunkycumfun 61M/66F
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9/15/2021 9:24 am

R stands for Roger. Not Roger Moore, not Roger Daltrey, not Roger Black, not Roger Hunt and not Roger Federer. No, R stands for Roger Ing.

Roger Ing was a pet given by a past girlfriend - well, it was more of a friends-with-benefits than a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

She would often text late at night say that she wanted a good rogering. That was my invitation go round her house, just a short walk away. She would always leave her front door unlocked. I would just walk in, lock the door behind , strip naked, go upstairs, walk into her bedroom, and fuck her hard.

If she was naked kneeling the bed, it was be a doggy-style rogering; and if she was naked lying down with legs apart, it was be a piledriver-style rogering!

Since those days I’ve always liked rogering a term describe having sex. Other terms I use for having sex are fucking and shagging.

Have you ever been given a pet ?
Do you enjoy rogering or being rogered?
What terms do you use for having sex?

At school, having it off was a popular term for having sex.

R also stands for rumpy-pumpy! In jest I will ask my wife if she fancies some rumpy-pumpy. She laughs at me but I do get rumpy-pumpy.

spunkycumfun 61M/66F
37707 posts
9/15/2021 9:26 am

I’ve never used the phrase, making love, for having sex, though I’ve often been in love when having sex.

author51 58F
121815 posts
9/15/2021 10:30 am

Roger that my friend...lol. My pet name and nickname is Juicy Joy for a reason..lol. What I would smile at is being rogered by a man named Roger..lol. I have yet to be rogered by a Roger actually....lol. xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life.xoxo


lok4fun500 111M  
50019 posts
9/15/2021 10:38 am

No real pet name for me!
when she is in the mood, she'll ask me if I'm busy OR do I want to have some fun!

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superbjversion2 66F
23168 posts
9/15/2021 11:35 am

I had to really think about what I call having sex - my brain hurts now. When referring to it, in general conversation, I'll refer to it as having sex. When initiating it, I most often use the phrase "Let's go play". Of course, getting naked and wiggling my eyebrows eliminates the need for words at all.

Nickname? My husband use to call me Titasaurus.

Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation bangs on the door forever!

scoupe42 58M  
12283 posts
9/15/2021 12:08 pm

I don't have any Pet names, welll, if you called "faster" or harder' pet names

Tmptrzz 58F
101306 posts
9/15/2021 12:14 pm

Thanks for sharing about your ROGERING days sounds like they were such great sexual adventures. I don't have a pet name, and rogering is great with a partner that knows the skills of ROGERING..

As for Rogering I just call it what it is SEX!!! I hope you both enjoy a sexy day full of great ROGERING..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

Paulxx001 64M
21185 posts
9/15/2021 12:17 pm

No names, just 'hey you'. 😶 ❗

brushwhack 69M
20 posts
9/15/2021 12:27 pm

The particular words we ourselves use are called idiolect in linguistics. I admit that roger is not part of my idiolect but I recall being struck by the writing of an Englishman who was "prepared to roger his wife all ways."

citizen4722 63M  
72608 posts
9/15/2021 12:41 pm

Have you ever been given a pet name? - 'Snake' was a pet name...when I get bouts of dry skin!

What terms do you use for having sex? -

A bit of “How's yer father?”
A bit of the old in-out, in-out.
Makin' whoopie.
Horizontal refreshment.
Oscillate the unmentionables.
Horizontal hokey pokey.
Monster mash.
Do the no-pants dance.
Thread the needle.

flannel_light 59F  
3855 posts
9/15/2021 4:15 pm

No pet names.
I did a a man who's name is Roger not long ago.
I just say you want to get Jiggy. Heard that on 90 days finance

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PonyGirl1965 55F
18018 posts
9/16/2021 12:04 am

I greatly enjoy being rogered, hehehe.
I have a hundred names for having sex ;D

pal334 67M  
44238 posts
9/16/2021 6:19 am

Have you ever been given a pet ? I do not think I will answer this

"Rogering" her is and has always been fun

The polite way is ,,, being naughty ?

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